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MIGUHARA Aloe Soothing Gel Origin | 200ml

MIGUHARA Aloe Soothing Gel Origin | 200ml

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200ml / 6.76 fl. oz

✓ FDA registered

[ Special-Line ]
Deeply soothing and refreshing aloe gel

Product Features:
1. Extraordinary soothing power of fresh aloe leaves
+ Instant moisture recharge
+ Soothe irritated skin
+ Cooling effect immediately after applying
2. Non-sticky moisturizing formula
3. Safe ingredients for the whole family
4. NO Powder! contains 98% of real aloe

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf and Centella Asiatica

Tip Multi-Purpose use!
• Moisture pack
• S.O.S instant soothing
• Cooling pack
• Sleeping pack
• Aftershave
• Soothing care against UV rays
• Hair care soothing care against Uv rays
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