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DeLANDIS BioVisco Memory Foam

DeLANDIS BioVisco Memory Foam

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[A High-End mattress by German Technology]

DeLANDIS BioVisco is the leading memory foam mattress. A European Classic Memory Foam.

BioVisco by DeLANDIS is made with excellent resilience and elasticity. With the highest quality layer composition providing an experience of your body floating in space. Maintains correct posture while sleeping.

 Comfort Scale:

DeLANDIS BioVisco has a comfort scale of 5

BioVisco features:

  • 4-layered mattress 
  1. Hugging Visco Gel Elastic Foam
  2. Visco Gel Elastic Foam
  3. Ventilation Hard Foam
  4. High-Density Water Cell Foam
  • High-Density Memory Foam
  • Knitted Natural Padding Material
  • High-Top Visco ( Quilted Memory Padding )

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