Our MI Community is expanding!!!

We are looking for talented, creative, hardworking and real YouTubers who mainly use YOUTUBE as their main social media platform. Get exclusive collabs from our brand partners, opportunities for special projects (top level influencers), discounts/deals for products (bronze level influencers), opportunities to earn from posts made thru subscribers and more!

Here’s how to join:

  1. Must have at least 1,000 subscribers in YouTube channel.
  2. Must have at least minimum of 4-6 beauty content. It should be uploaded and visible on YouTube channel.
  3. Must be active in posting video content on Youtube Channel for atleast 2 video content in a week.
  4. Must be residing in the Philippines only.
  5. Must be able to do videos of beauty brands such as getting ready, how to use, product review and more. More informative, the better.
  6. Must submit the ff. information:

(Shipping details)






 Tell us about yourself and as a Youtuber .

 Profile Photo

 Links of your best YT videos for screening (1-2 atleast)


*** Please note that providing the information above is mandatory s part of the screening process for Youtubers who would like to join the Community. Information submitted will be screened and reviewed by the MI Team. Screening may take time since there are daily Influencer / Youtuber Profiles being reviewed daily. Please wait for the Team to message you after they have finished reviewing your information. ***


  1. If application is approved, you will then be required to pay for the one-time membership fee for the following:

P100 (Bronze)

P200 (Silver)

 Once payment proof is sent to @manila.influencer, A link  to the community’s official group chat via Telegram will be given. Only MI Admin and Members are allowed in the chat. Non-members are not welcome.

  1. Please note that the assigned Youtuber level you may be assigned to will be your corresponding info when receiving PR Packages from collaborations with the community, discounts or exclusive freebies and more.
  2. Shipping Fee is automatically shouldered by the Bronze Level Youtuber. For Silver and up Level Youtubers, the Shipping Fee is


Metro Manila (P152.00)

Provincial Areas (P205.00)

 Payment Method thru the ff. options :

BANK Details

BDO  - Peso Savings

005340117201 / Lipstick Please Marketing Corp. 

BPI – Peso Savings

09673030461 / Ericson Mendoza Guerrero

GCASH E-wallet

Mobile No. # 0915-1347958

                          YOUTUBER LEVEL                                                                No. of SUBSCRIBERS

YT Celeb   BRONZE - A

1,000 – 10,999

YT Celeb   BRONZE - B

11,000 – 19,999

YT Celeb   SILVER – A

20,000 – 49,999

YT Celeb   SILVER – B

50,000 – 99,999


100,000 – 499,999


500,000 – 999,999


1,000,000 and up


  1. Posting schedule should be within the 3-7 days of receiving the PR Package. Beauty Content to be submitted is either a “How to get ready” or “How to use” Video Content should be at least (3-6)three to six minutes and up plus (1) one photo with YouTuber and products. Creativity is highly encouraged.
  2. For Youtubers, with less than 1,000 subscribers but would like to join the community, may submit sample videos with Beauty videos. If approved, per video is equivalent to 100 subscribers.    
  3. Screening time of Youtubers for approval will take time for the MI Team gets a lot of submissions daily. Kindly please wait for the Team to reach you once they have summarized your information.

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